Woffords Cross Roads is a praying church and has seen many blessing from God in the answers to their prays. Time is taken during the worship service to bring those in need of help to God in prayer.  Please join us in prayer for each of those listed. You can submit additional prayer requests and the bottom of the page.

Prayer List

Andy and Jean Bell

Dot Bell

Zach Bishop

Aliene Broadaway

Darryl Broadaway

Greg Broadaway

Kenneth Broadaway

Wayne  Brownlow

Tony Cerniglia

Tammy Chastain

Henry Collins

Darlene Davis

Chris  Evans

Pat Evans

Maria Garcia

Derek Hann

Lucille Hazelwood

James Hilton

Darrin Kenning

Gio Linares

Jane Lipscomb

Sara Nell Lipscomb

Marzell Lowe

Tommy Mannor

Melissa McCoy

Pat Morris

Joan Nardolillo Amadeo

Jeff  Nicely

Thelma Riddle

Vince Ruiz

Jeff  Tant

Nancy Webb

Lanelle Wood

Our Country, Our Military

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Woffords Crossroads Baptist Church

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Church Phone: 770-382-2602

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